Q. Rather than change the world yourselves like many tech companies aspire to, your aim is to change the worlds of those who change the world?

Padraig's Answer:

"Yes, that's correct! Perhaps one of the best exemplars of our position is Warren Gatland and his backroom team, who dreamed of accomplishing something truly remarkable in the world of sport. That was to transform a struggling Welsh Rugby Union team (ranked a pretty lowly 9th in the world at the time) into 6 Nations' Grand Slam Champions.

To achieve big things, big obstacles must always be overcome, and arguably the biggest one in Warren's way related to the wellness of his players. Unable to manage what he couldn't measure, Warren felt an outside-the-box solution was required if he was to transform his side from ordinary to extraordinary. Looking back across the Irish Sea from where he came, Warren turned to our team, maybe because we were starting to earn a reputation as something of an unconventional solution provider, maybe because we'd an underdog spirit - I'm still not wholly sure why! Forming a Scrum with his Coaching and Performance staff, we helped to co-define what was "wrong" with the current situation before focussing upon what "right" looked, felt, and sounded like.

As soon as its design process was complete and it was ready for deployment, the Welsh Rugby Union squad started to use the Tailteann Elite Athlete Monitoring system. The Cloud-based Mobile App solution allowed the players to be infinitely better monitored, which enabled the Coaching Staff to each day make much more informed decisions about training, recovery and treatment interventions. Warren always believed his strongest side was capable of beating anyone - the problem was keeping everyone fit. Thanks to the T.E.A.M System, he had a much greater chance of doing so.

Since the System's inception, Wales have enjoyed a pretty glorious run. Winning five 6 Nations' Championships (3 of which were Grand Slams), we're just so grateful to have been able to play a small part in their historic achievements.

When Warren was appointed Head Coach of the 2013 British and Irish Lions, we were also brought on board, and were privileged to play a part in a first tour series victory in 16 years.

In that time period, Warren made millions of Welsh, English, Scottish and Irish rugby fans deliriously happy. He enabled his players to fulfill their vast potential, his fellow staff members to achieve their lofty goals. His employers were also transported to dreamland. Warren himself went down in rugby folklore, his legacy secured forever more. Warren unquestionably changed the sporting world. We were just honoured to help change his."

"On something of a humorous side note, one of the WRU's backroom staff recently described us, in passing, as "the Wes Hoolahan of software design"! Reckoning this was because he viewed us as being pretty imaginative, agile and well-balanced, we thanked him for paying what we considered to be a very, very generous compliment. He jokingly said not to though, as individuals who prefer to play the killer-ball that sets up a goal ahead of actually scoring the goal themselves are ultimately peculiar in his eyes!!"