Q. Who do tailteann most like to work with?

Padraig's Answer:

"Perhaps unsurprisingly, we love to partner with people and organisations who possess the ability "to give the world something it didn't know it was missing", as author, Daniel Pink once said. The most interesting people in our company's story have always been external, not internal - there's little doubt about that.

We also hold a belief that there should be a cultural fit between us and our clients/partners too; that our respective values, outlooks and behaviours are congruent with each other. We also feel we often do our best work when partnering with socially responsible organisations that concern themselves with something greater than mere profit-making. Such is why we especially love teaming up with sporting and public healthcare bodies.

As we also aspire to exceed our previous performance upon every project we undertake, we always welcome partnerships with innovators and early adopters who challenge us, but who do so in a mature, considerate manner.

We also have a definite preference for long-term business partnerships, the types that are built on great foundational values such as trust, respect, empathy, equality, amicability and mutual benefit.

Regarding Product Development, we tend to partner with large organisations as opposed to individuals or SMEs, as the former are more likely to have access to the resources that are typically required to create premium quality products. In relation to Consultancy, we particularly enjoy working with ambitious start-up/early phase entrepreneurs, as we feel we have quite a bit to offer them. Unfortunately, demand greatly exceeds supply here, but we try hard to help who we can, when we can."